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Conference Proceedings:

  • “The First Cypriot Printing Houses, their importance and role”, 1st International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication, University of Macedonia Press, Salonica Greece, June 2002.
  • “The Cultural Geography of the Mediterranean”, International Conference on ‘The Cultural and Spiritual Values of the Mediterranean’, organised by UNESCO, Cyprus Pen Club, Nicosia, December 1999, pp 26-31.
  • “The first information on overseas Cypriots in the Cypriot Press”, First International Symposium on ‘Cypriot Immigration’, Cyprus Research Centre, Nicosia 1990, pp 351-359.
  • “Political Geography and the Cyprus Problem”, International Conference on ‘The Cyprus Problem’, Cyprus Geographical Association, Nicosia 1976, pp 28-36.

Conference Presentations-Symposium Presentations:

  • “Printing and Publishing Activities in Cyprus during the first years of the British occupation”, 2nd International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication, The University of Macedonia, Salonica, 24-29 June 2004.
  • “Mass Culture and Mass Entertainment: Conflict or co-existence?”, Conference ‘Culture and the Media’, Intercollege, Nicosia, 6-7 December 2002.
  • “The first Cypriot Printing Offices and their contribution to Cypriot cultural development”, 1st International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication, The University of Macedonia, Salonica, 25-29 June 2002.
  • “The first Cypriot Newspapers – Their Importance and Role”, International Conference ‘An Encyclopedia of the Greek Press’, The National Research Foundation of Greece, Athens, 23-25 May 2002.
  • “The First Cypriot Newspapers and the British Administration”, Symposium ‘Britain and Cyprus-Colonialism and its Impact’, Intercollege, Nicosia, May 2001.
  • “The Role of Mass Media in Pre-election Campaigns”, Seminar “Political Communication and Pre-Election Campaigns: The Role of Mass Media”, Intercollege, Nicosia, 7 April 2001.
  • “Mass Entertainment and Mass Culture”, Conference on ‘Cyprus Society’, Cyprus Sociological Society, Nicosia, April 2000.
  • “The Contribution of the Media in the Resolution of Conflicts-The case of Cyprus”, ‘World Media Conference’, Tokyo 1986.
  • “The Evolution of a Geographical Phenomenon through the study of ancient maps of Cyprus”, International Symposium on ‘The Cartography of Cyprus’, Nicosia 1984.
  • “Regional Development in the Eastern Mediterranean with an emphasis on Cyprus”, International Symposium on ‘The Regional Development of the Mediterranean’, EEC, Delfoi-Greece 1983.

Round Table Discussions- Discussant:

  • Coordinator-Discussant on the subject “The Radio and Television Laws and the Code of Ethics of the Cypriot Television”, Intercollege, Nicosia, June 2000.

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