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Books Edited, Written or Translated:

  • The EOKA Struggle of 1955-1959 in the Athenian Press, Mass Media & Communication Institute (IMME) IntercollegeNicosia, 2005.
  • Christodoulos El. Kouppas: The Teacher, Journalist and Author, Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 2005.
  • The History of Cypriot Advertising, Laiki Group, Nicosia, 2004.
  • The Olympic Games of 1896 and 1906 in the Cypriot Press: The Participation of Cyprus and the National UprisingMass Media & Communication Institute (IMME), Nicosia, 2004.
  • Contribution to the History of the Cypriot Press, Vol. III (1900-1914), Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 2003.
  • “Nicosia” Printing House: The Oldest Alive Printing House in Cyprus: With an Introduction to the First Cypriot Printing Houses, Nicocreon Publishing House, Nicosia, 2003.
  • Political Communication and the Pre-Election CampaignsMass Media & Communication Institute (IMME), 2003.
  • Themistoclis Ch. Theocharides: The Teacher, Journalist and Author, Intercollege Press, 2002.
  • The Asia Minor Disaster in the Cypriot NewspapersMass Media & Communication Institute (IMME), 2002.
  • Invitation by Pentadaktylos, Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia, 2001.
  • Thrasyvoulos Ropas: The Doctor and Poet, Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 2001.
  • The Pioneers of Cypriot Photojournalism, Ministry of Education and Culture, 2000.
  • Ioannis V. Kepiadis: The Author and Journalist, Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 2000.
  • Christos Papadopoulos: The Scholar, Poet and Historical Researcher, Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 1999.
  • Because of Geography (Γεωγραφας νεκεν), Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia, 1998.
  • Contribution to the History of the Cypriot Press, Vol. II (1890-1900), Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 1998.
  • The First Greek Newspapers of Nicosia (1878-1914), Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 1997.
  • Is the Press Free?  The Anglosaxon Press and the S-300 Missile Crisis, Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia, 1997.
  • An Introduction to the History and Geography of Cyprus, Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia, 1995.
  • Press and Dependence-The Cyprus Crisis of 1974 and the New York Times, Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 1995.
  • Contribution to the History of the Cypriot Press, Vol. I, 1878-1890, Intercollege Press, Nicosia, 1995.
  • The first Cypriot newspapers as protectors of the Human Rights of the Greek-Cypriots”, Intercollege Press, Nicosia 1994.
  • The Role of Geographical Determinism in the Future Development of Cyprus, Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia, 1994.
  • Mass Media in Cyprus, (English & Greek ed.) Press and Information Office (PIO), Nicosia 1993.
  • “Esperini,” The First Evening Newspaper of Cyprus, Nicosia, 1989
  • Communication Essays, Vol. II, Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia 1987.
  • Basic Bibliography on the Cyprus Problem, Cyprus Bibliographic Society, Nicosia 1987.
  • Five Communication StudiesNicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia 1982.
  • Communication Essays, Vol. I, Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia, 1981.
  • An Introduction to Communication, Persuasion and Propaganda, Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia 1977.
  • Geography and Journalism, Cyprus Geographical Association, Nicosia 1977.
  • Regions and Regionalism, Cyprus Geographical Association, Nicosia 1975.
  • A Guide to the Collection of Cypriot Rocks, Cyprus Geographical Association, Nicosia 1973.


  • A Bibliography on the Geography of Cyprus, Co-edited with George Karouzis, Cyprus Geographical Association, Nicosia 1972.

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