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  • The History of the Cypriot Press, (3 volumes and many articles in newspapers and magazines).
  • The Geography of Cyprus (2 books and many articles in the “Geographic Chronicles”).
  • The History of Cyprus, (2 books and many articles in newspapers and magazines).
  • Journalism and Politics (4 books and many articles in papers and speeches).
  • Communication (4 books and articles).
  • The Recent Political History of Cyprus-The Cyprus Problem (2 books and many papers and articles).
  • The Cypriot Literature of the 19th Century (5 books and many articles and speeches).
  • Bibliographies (3 books).

Areas of Concentration/ Research Interests:

  • The History of the Cypriot Media.
  • History and Geography of Cyprus.
  • The Cyprus Problem.
  • Cypriot Literature of the 19th century.


Doctoral Dissertation:

  • “The Role of the first Cypriot newspapers as protectors of the Human Rights of the Greek-Cypriots”, 1994.


  • A Bibliography on the Geography of Cyprus, Co-edited with George Karouzis, Cyprus Geographical Association, Nicosia 1972.

Chapters in Books and Encyclopaedias:

  • “The History of Manuscript and Printed Book in Cyprus”, An Encyclopaedia of Graphic Communication, The Greenwood Publishers Group of Westport, Connecticut, USA (to be published in 2005).
  •  “Entries on the Cypriot Press”, The Encyclopaedia of the Greek Press Vol. I, The Research National Foundation of Greece, Athens, Greece, 2002
  •  “The Geography of Aglandja Area”, Aglandja, published by Aglandja Municipality, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1996.
  •  “An Introduction to the Geography of Cyprus”, Costas P. Kyrris, History of Cyprus, Nicoclis Publishing House, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1988.
  • “The Geographical Factors influencing the solution of the Cyprus Problem”, Cyprus-History, Problems and Struggles of its People, Edited by George Tenekides and Yiannos Kranidiotis, pp 557-585, Estia Publishing House, Athens, Greece, 1981.

Publications: (forthcoming)

  • Contribution to the History of the Cypriot Press, Vol. IV, 1914-1931, (under publication)
  • Lysandros Tsimillis: The Man and the Journalist, (under publication)
  • Theodoulos Ph. Constantinides, (under publication)


Research/Work in progress:

  • For the writing of Vol. IV of the History of the Cypriot Press (1914-1931).
  • For the writing of the History of the Cypriot Typography (1878-1960).  


  • George Louca: The Teacher and Journalist, Scientific Annals of the Cypriot Society of Historic Studies, Nicosia, 2001.
  • Loucas Paisiou: Teacher, Writer and JournalistScientific Annals of the Cypriot Society of Historic Studies, Nicosia, 1999.

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